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How to play chess on Chessagora

It very easy to play a game of chess with a friend on Chessagora. Go to the play chess menu and on the board at the field that says "Host a game" insert the name of the game with no spaces e.g. tonyvsnickgame1 and click on Go. Then send the game name to your opponent over chat. The game will start with you (the creator) as white and your friend as black. In case you want to start another game with opposite colors your opponent (black previously) should create a game and send you the name on chat, insert the name on the "Join Game" field and click Go. The game will start as soon as you join! There are no ratings or time in order to keep things simple and help you enjoy a casual game with a friend on chessagora. Have Fun!

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Deleting your account

If for some reason you wish to delete your account from send us an email from the contact form stating that you want to delete your account. You must send us your name, username and email to verify it is really you and process your request. Optionally it would help us if you'd provide also the reason for your decision.