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Mission Statement

Welcome to Chess Agora the Global Chess Social Network!

The social network that connects chess players from around the world.

Chessagora is designed to provide high quality of networking services to chess players, titled chess professionals, chess coaches, chess clubs, chess federations, authors, novice and occasional chess players by allowing them to share games and experience.
Motivated by years worth experience of involvement with chess and driven by a filling the gaps mindset we thoughtfully analyzed what's been missing from the chess world; we provide the best, simplest, easiest chess social media solution. The only one in the global chess sphere and the best by far. Continuously in search of great ways to enhance the chess experience of our members we guarantee that we can respond to any social chess need.

In this context several tools have been developed in order to facilitate the connection between all levels of chess enthusiasts. Among these are the Chessagora Share Button, a social button to be added to websites and blogs that makes it easy to chess publishers and bloggers spread their content to the thousands of chess players that share on Chessagora every day. Another feature is the profile badge that is actually the business card of the chess player. This widget can be added on a website and allows visitors to connect with the author.

For those users who don't have a personal chess blog we provide two options of blogging: one is private to be shared among the users' friends on Chessagora and the second is the Public Blogs feature which is created with global content sharing in mind.

The online chess analysis tool provides a handy yet basic chess engine that can assist in variation and position checking on the fly.

Finally one of the most popular "non-sharing" features is the Chessagora Chess Clock, a free feature that provides chess players an easy and full of options chess clock that turns any computer or mobile device a chess clock that can be used either by pressing keys on the keyboard or by tapping on a screen! Still thinking about it? Sign up now! It's free

Our mission is to provide a way for chess players to communicate, keep touch and network through this Chess Social Network. We do our best to provide high quality of services and information and wish you the best while you use

Definition From Wikipedia:

The agora (Ancient Greek: Ἀγορά, Agorá) was a central spot in ancient Greek city-states. The literal meaning of the word is "gathering place" or "assembly". The agora was the center of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city.